Become an Owner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Shared Harvest Co-op Owner!

While co-ops welcome everyone to shop, there are definite benefits to becoming a member. To become a member of most co-ops, you invest a small amount of money in the form of shares. To become a shareholder and voting member at Shared Harvest, you must purchase at least one share for $100. By law, a shareholder can purchase up to 10 shares. Your share(s) make you a co-owner of the co-op along with the other owner/members. If for any reason you decide to leave the co-op, our bylaws will provide a process to get some or all of your investment refunded.

The immediate benefits of becoming a Shared Harvest shareholder:

  • Having a Voice: Being a voting member of the cooperative and having ownership over your food source.
  • Direct Participation: One can have as little, to as much participation in Shared Harvest as they would like as a shareholder.  It is your store after all 🙂

Why Join Now?

The sooner you join, the sooner Shared Harvest will open its doors! 

Two Options to Buy Your Shares

Purchase Shares Online

Complete the Subscription Agreement online.

Buy Shares Online

The Subscription Agreement will be automatically emailed to Shared Harvest once it is completed.

Purchase Shares by Mail

If you prefer to mail a hard copy, click the button below to download the form.

Download Shareholder Agreement: English Download Shareholder Agreement: Spanish

Mail your signed Subscription Agreement and check to:

Shared Harvest
P.O. Box 884
Elgin, IL 60121

Please contact us if you would like an agreement form mailed to you.

Assignment of Shareholder number

Shared Harvest will assign a shareholder number to the agreement and return the document to you via email.