We are building a community – A special thank you to all of our Shareholders!

Shareholder is a technical way to say you are buying your share of ownership in the Shared Harvest food co-op. This is for those who desire an alternative grocery store in the Fox Valley area, which is owned by the people, and for those who are on board with the vision with their financial support. These are the folks who breathe life into the vision and structure so we have a budget to start initiating the change.

Recruiting owners is a crucial step in proving that we have the community support needed, and that we can raise the basic investment funds needed before we move on to our next steps: 

  • Selecting a location for the Shared Harvest Food Coop Store
  • Directing its values and goals
  • Reaching out to the community with innovative programming and resources – philanthropists
  • Setting buying principles for produce, products, pricing, and profit allocation
  • Securing loans
  • Hiring staff
  • Opening our very own community-owned grocery store.

Become a Co-op Owner

While Shared Harvest will welcome everyone to shop, becoming an owner means so much more. Learn about the benefits of co-op ownership and consider joining us today!

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