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Stay informed about what's happening, how you can get involved, and what are the next steps in this exciting process of building the Shared Harvest Elgin Food Co-op!

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Let's create a great place to shop!

Stop dreaming and begin scheming with your fellow locavores to open Shared Harvest - a local food cooperative grocery store right here in Elgin, IL! Welcome to our new website where we hope you will learn more about food cooperatives, especially Shared Harvest's, and how you can join as an owner to have a voice in a grocery store of your own!
Shared Harvest will be cooperatively owned grocery in the heart of Elgin that links consumers to affordable, healthy, locally-produced food, fosters sustainable agriculture, and contributes to the economic and cultural vibrancy of the Elgin community.

Events, Activities, Meetings

July and August: 500 Shares by September 5 Challenge

Become a member of Shared Harvest by
September 5 and Win Prizes. More...

August 20th

Shared Harvest Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday, but everyone is invited to attend. 6:30pm at DNA offices on Chicago Street, above Blue Box Cafe. Call if you need more information: 847-873-9995

August 21st

Meet up with us at the Thursday Harvest Market - Elgin's fabulous farmer's market on Kimball Street across from the library. We have a booth with information, share agreements and fresh veggies from "Tending Your Garden." 9 am until 2pm.

August 23rd

International Fest! Come find us at the International Fest in downtown Elgin on Saturday. Shared Harvest will be there celebrating fresh farm food, again with Tending Your Garden.

August 28th

Meet up with us at the Thursday Farmer's Market. 9am until 2pm.

September 9th

Shared Harvest Informational Meeting. Still have a lot of questions about cooperatives, share agreements, local foods, shareholder benefits???? Come to our informational meeting at Gail Borden Public library at 6:30pm on Tuesday, Sept. 9th. Healthy snack provided.

Late September

We will announce our Annual Shareholders Meeting very soon!

Help us to
"Reach out and touch someone"

The Shared Harvest board recognizes that to be successful, our main focus needs to be educating the community and addressing these questions: What is a coop? What is Shared Harvest? How can I participate? What’s in it for me? What’s in it for the community?
Members of the board are willing to come and speak at neighborhood associations, service clubs, churches, synagogues, non-for-profits, and businesses - even at your next good food party. Carol at 847-873-9995 to schedule a talk or presentation.
We need your help!

500 Shares by September 5th Challenge

Become a member of Shared Harvest by September 5 and Win Prizes

Market Study Predicts a Bright Future for Shared Harvest:

The Shared Harvest Cooperative Board hired G2G Research to write a Market Study for an evaluation of sites and a sales forecast analysis.
Key Findings:
  • The co-op store will serve a moderate-sized trade area in terms of geography that includes Elgin, South Elgin, part of Dundee and St. Charles.
  • The trade area for the proposed food co-op contains a relatively high population base of 178,100 persons (versus the Co-op database store average of 98,000 persons
  • The competitive environment to be faced by the proposed co-op is relatively weak.
  • Based on the population, demographic composition, and competitive environment of the Elgin market area, it appears that there is sufficient sales potential to support a co-op food store.